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Plastic Cabinets

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  This cabinet features a breakaway cover that provides easy access to extinguishers while their polished “window” areas offer easy viewing of pressure gauges. Padlocks also allow service technicians quick, easy access for monthly inspections and annual maintenance. Cabinets come complete with a brass lock, cover, and a screen-printed pictogram.

• Injection molded ABS plastic cabinets won’t dent or rust.
• All components are corrosion resistant.
• No glass to break or sharp corners to cause injury.
• Costs less than metal cabinets.

Part #
   Size in inches with cover
MJM (fits most2.5#& small 5#)8 - 3/4
19 - 1/2
5 - 5/8
M2JM (fits most larger 5#)1023
M2M (fits most 10#)1026 - 7/8
 Plastic Replacement Covers

Replacement Cover

Breakaway cover available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium & Large

 Brass Padlock

Padlock for cabinets and other security requirements. Corrosion-resistant, all-brass shackle, and keyed-alike.

Part #

Brass Padlock

MJCR (fits MJM)

5/8 Shackle

M2JCR (fits M2JM)

M2CR (fits M2M)

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