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Paint Booth Systems

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We inspect and service paint booth fire suppression systems in San Antonio. If you need your existing system maintained, repaired, or inspected, we have the experience to keep you working.  Pre-Engineered systems are required to be inspected bi-annually. We keep track of when your inspections are due so you don't have to.

Lone Star Fire & First Aid is certified in the State of Texas to protect your paint spray booths, prep stations, and mix rooms.  We have installed dry chemical fire suppression systems in most paint spray booth designs including down draft booths with pits, backdraft, and cross draft booths. We are capable of providing mechanical detection along with manual operation for these systems. Give us a call to survey your specific application for a dry chemical fire suppression system.


449 CULEBRA RD., SAN ANTONIO, TX 78201 | PH: 210.731.8000 | FAX: 210.731.8010
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