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We inspect, repair, and service kitchen fire suppression systems in the San Antonio area. Whether you require a new fire suppression system, or just need your existing system maintained, repaired, or inspected, we have the experience to keep you cooking.

The key to keeping your fire suppression system in compliance is to schedule regular inspections. Pre-Engineered systems are required to be inspected bi-annually. We keep track of when your inspections are due so you don't have to. Should you need any maintenance or repairs between inspections, just let us know, and we will be there as quickly as possible.

Our licensed technicians maintain, repair, and inspect fire suppression systems from all major manufacturers, including:

•    Pyro-Chem
• Amerex
• Ansul
• Buckeye
• Badger
• And more

449 CULEBRA RD., SAN ANTONIO, TX 78201 | PH: 210.731.8000 | FAX: 210.731.8010
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