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First Aid Route Service

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A representative from "Lone Star Fire & First Aid" will be happy to come to your facility and restock you first aid cabinet/s. You can choose how often you would like us to service your cabinets. We ask that you have at least a $75.00 minimum order for on-site service. 

         • On-Site Service consists of the following:

               1 Organize Cabinet
               2 Remove Expired Product
               3 Take Inventory
               4 Pull Product from Van
               5 Rotate Stock
               6 Fill Cabinet
               7 Sanitize Cabinet

If you are outside our service area, we will be happy to ship your order via UPS.  Shipping cost will apply.

449 CULEBRA RD., SAN ANTONIO, TX 78201 | PH: 210.731.8000 | FAX: 210.731.8010
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