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Fire Hoses

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We sell, inspect and hydrostatic test fire hoses.

Our hoses are FM approved and labeled, and meet or exceed Underwriters Lab (U.L.) and NFPA 1961. Standard lengths for these rack hoses are 50’, 75’, and 100’. All hoses are stenciled with 1” characters stating, “Service Test to 250 PSI per NFPA 1962 ” and the service date in a contrasting color, indelible ink. 

We can inspect your hoses at the same time as your fire extinguisher service.  
In addition, we can supply and install quality fire hoses in a variety of lengths all approved to NFPA 1962.

449 CULEBRA RD., SAN ANTONIO, TX 78201 | PH: 210.731.8000 | FAX: 210.731.8010
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